The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation accused Carolina Galván Cuesta, mother of Sara Sofía Galván, aged two, and her sentimental partner, Nilson Bladimir Díaz, for the crime of aggravated forced disappearance, for which they could pay more than 40 years in prison, if they are convicted.

This accusation came after members of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) carried out the capture of the woman on March 18, about a month after the minor’s disappearance.

“Having advanced the different investigative activities, the hypothesis that has gained more force is that the girl died and the lifeless body, after being wrapped in a blue blanket, was introduced into a white fiber sack, which is tied with a brown shoelace and placed on the bank of the Tunjuelito river pipe by Nilson, a partner. Carolina’s sentimentality,” says the accusation document known by the newspaper El Tiempo.

Despite the fact that the body of the minor has not been found in the different search actions carried out by the authorities for six months, the accusing entity decided on March 25 to rule out the hypotheses that established that the minor had been sold or given away . This, due to the lack of sufficient evidence.

The Prosecutor’s Office, on that occasion, investigated with Sara Sofía’s mother, stepfather and other witnesses, without finding the evidence to support said hypothesis, so it went on to focus on the search for the girl in the vicinity of the Tunjuelo river in which, according to the woman, the minor’s lifeless body was left.

According to the newspaper El Tiempo, the prosecution body will summon about 40 witnesses against the girl’s mother and her stepfather. Among these are experts and investigators who have been in charge of the case; as well as Sara Sofía’s mother’s sister, Xiomara Galván Cuesta, who denounced the girl’s disappearance last January.

Precisely, the latter was the one who denounced the disappearance of the girl and a few days ago spoke with the City TV newscast to ensure Given the current situation facing the country due to the days of the national strike, the search for the minor stopped in Bogotá and the rest of the country.

In addition to the search for the Tunjuelo River, where the girl’s body was allegedly thrown, the authorities have established, in the middle of the investigation, five strategic points in the southwest of Bogotá thanks to the statements made by the two captured.


Likewise, searches have been opened in the national territory, of places where clues have been received and even an Interpol circular in 192 countries, in case the minor has left Colombia.

“Carolina reiterates that the truth is that the girl died on January 27 of this year and later her body was thrown into the Tunjuelito sewer. Mr. Nilson made the same demonstration, reiterating that the girl was left in the Tunjuelito gutter by himself, who placed her on the shore and observed when the water carried her away”, the document concludes.

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