A soccer player is killed by her ex-partner's knife when she was about to play a game

A soccer player is killed by her ex-partner’s knife when she was about to play a game

Gustavo Ernesto Aceval was being sought after last Sunday he murdered his ex-partner, Melina Romero, who was going to play a soccer match in “La Canchista de Escobar” in Colombia.

According to the witnesses told local media, the man was in hiding and when his ex-partner appeared, attacked her with a knife causing a deep cut on the right side of her neck, to later escape on a motorcycle. Romero, 30, died at the scene as a result of the severity of the injury.

After the event, Aceval, also known as “el chachi”, contacted a close person, to whom he assured that his intention was to also kill the son, but that “the opportunity was not given,” as well as that he would not leave to hand over.

He also explained his murder in his WhatsApp application status: “She was going to kill her two daughters, but since they did not appear, she died. I loved her a lot,” he wrote, according to local media.

The police managed to capture Aceval, 45, this Wednesday, who had wounds to the neck and hands and also had in his possession the knife that he allegedly used for the attack.

“We had the information that he was near his father’s house, in a precarious house inhabited by workers in the mountains. We put a police check in the place and when he left this morning we arrested him”, the investigators explained.

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