The call for attention due to the size of Cofepris came after Ricardo Ferreti was seen smoking inside the Azteca (REUTERS/Henry Romero)

After a few pictures of Ricardo tuca Ferretti skip the General Tobacco Control Law better known as the “anti-tobacco law” when he first met in charge of Cruz Azul inside the Azteca stadium.

After maintaining hermeticism for a little over a week, the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) notified the administration of the Colossus of Saint Ursula on non-compliance with the law and warned that, in case of recidivism, he will sanction the property.

“Cofepris notifies the Estadio Azteca of a non-compliance for the use of tobacco during a football match. He was ordered to comply with the General Tobacco Law, to commit an irregularity again, the stadium will be credited with an administrative sanction,” they began.

“In accordance with article 65 bis of the Regulations of the General Tobacco Control Law, since it is a stadium, which is considered an establishment of collective competition, it is the responsibility of the Fútbol del Distrito Federal, SA de CV, “Estadio Azteca”, implement, respect and enforce the provisions of 100% smoke-free spaces and tobacco emissions within its facilities, in which vulnerable populations such as minors, the elderly, people with diseases of the respiratory system, chronic diseases congregate degenerative diseases, non-smokers , among others, ”they added.

The helmsman of Cruz Azul reacted to this situation during his visit to Spicy football. There, the Brazilian strategist commented on the incident where he was caught with a cigarette in the box of the Colossus of Saint Ursula during the match of the 9th day between Blue Cross and FC Juarez.

“I didn’t know, I apologize and if they have to fine me, so be it,” he said.

During the Cruz Azul vs Juárez match, they caught the cement technician smoking in the Azteca stadium box, now he could be sanctioned

The General Tobacco Control Law states that “it is strictly forbidden” to smoke or light any tobacco or nicotine product in enclosed, public or ““collective” agreement”. Some places that appear in the layout are restaurants, bars, offices, beaches, amusement parks, shopping malls, stadiums and in common use, to name a few.

If you have been sanctioned, the MORE for violating this provision published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) since January 15, it can range from 20,000 pesos to just over two million pesos, or those involved can be arrested for up to 36 hours. The time would be determined in accordance with what is stipulated in Article 427 of the General Health Law.

The new regulations of the General Law on Tobacco Control in Mexico recalls that smoking areas must comply with the following instructions to avoid a fine:

Tuca Ferretti smoked during the Cruz Azul match against Juárez at Azteca Stadium (Instagram/ @tudnmex)
Tuca Ferretti smoked during the Cruz Azul match against Juárez at Azteca Stadium (Instagram/ @tudnmex)

– Be physically separated and in secret 100% smoke-free spaces and not be a mandatory step for people.

– They must be located at 10 meters entrances, accesses and exits of buildings and air intake ducts.

– Designated smoking areas They must not occupy more than 10% of the total area of ​​the establishment.

– They will have signs prohibiting the entry of minors and graphic health warnings on the health effects and damage of exposure to tobacco smoke.

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