Chinese citizens traveling abroad must have a digital certificate of vaccination against coronavirus

Chinese citizens traveling abroad must have a digital certificate of coronavirus vaccination

China launched on Tuesday a mobile application so that its citizens can show vaccination certificates and the results of the tests of coronavirus that have been made.

It is an application that can be opened through the messaging program WeChat in which Chinese citizens can access the results of their nucleic acid and antibody tests, as well as vaccination certificates.

Users must indicate which country they plan to visit or from which they return, although the program, called “Health Code Against the Epidemic, International Version” at the moment still does not allow to see the results of the vaccination and is restricted to Chinese citizens.

Last Sunday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that the Asian country will issue health certificates for international travelers with the aim of “facilitate safe and orderly transit of people”.

However, at the moment it has not been confirmed which other countries or territories will accept this new digital certificate or if there is any negotiation in this regard with other governments.

In this sense, the chief epidemiologist of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China, Wu Zunyou, recently raised the possibility that, given the absence of infections in his country and the possibility that the United States reaches a vaccination rate of 90 % by August, you can “remove political barriers” and regain the freedom to travel between the two countries.

The Asian country has practically closed its borders since March 28 of last year, even for a good part of foreigners who have a residence permit, due to the pandemic of coronavirus which then loomed over the world.

In addition, all people from abroad who come to the Asian country must undergo strict prevention controls against the virus.

These include a test of coronavirus in the country of origin before taking a plane, one just after arriving at the destination and another after a quarantine of 14 days in a hotel, to which must be added additional periods of isolation depending on each province.

All persons entering the Asian country must abide by these prevention measures against coronavirus before joining their normal life.

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