China asked for a Stop the fire between Ukraine and Russia and the start of peace negotiations under a 12-point proposal to end the conflict that began a year ago.

The Beijing regime claims to have a neutral stance in the war, but has also stated that it maintains a “unlimited friendship” with Russia and he refused to criticize his invasion of Ukraine, or even refer to it as such. Also, blame West to provoke conflicts and “fan the flames” by supplying kyiv with defensive weapons.

According UNITED STATES, China may be preparing to provide military aid to Russia, a claim that Beijing says is unfounded. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wen Binthe accusation is “nothing more than slander and libel”.

One wonders if China can be considered an honest broker.

China and Russia they have increasingly aligned their foreign policies to oppose the liberal US-led international order. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi reaffirmed the strength of its bilateral ties during its meeting with the Russian President, Vladimir Poutinein Moscow this week.

Washington reserved its opinion on Beijing’s proposal, the US State Department spokesman said, net price, but stressed that the alliance between the two countries means that China was not a neutral mediator. “We would like nothing more than to see a just and lasting peace…but we are skeptical of reports that a proposal like this is a constructive path,” he said.

Prior to the publication of the document entitled “China’s position on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis”, the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky said Beijing’s involvement was an important first step.

“I think that, in general, the fact that China has started to talk about peace in Ukraine (…) is not bad,” he said Thursday during a joint press conference with the head of the Ukrainian government. Spain in Kyiv.

The plan unveiled by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday also calls on the West to end sanctions against Russia and calls for measures to prevent attacks on civilians and civilian facilities, to ensure the security of nuclear facilities, the creating humanitarian corridors for the population and ensuring the export of grain after the interruptions has increased the price of food around the world.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky attends a ceremony dedicated to the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, amid the Russian attack on Ukraine, in Kyiv, Ukraine February 24, 2023. Ukrainian Presidential News Service /Handout via REUTERS
The document also reiterates China’s long-standing positions, including that the “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity” of all countries be guaranteed.

“Dialogue and negotiation are the only viable way out of resolving the Ukrainian crisis,” the proposal reads. While he did not elaborate on what form the talks are expected to take, preconditions or participating countries, he said “China stands ready to continue to play a constructive role in this regard.”

The document also called for an end to the “Cold War Mentality” the term with which Beijing usually refers to what it sees as US hegemony and the maintenance of alliances such as the I WILL TAKE.

“The security of one country should not be pursued at the expense of others. The security of a region should not be achieved by strengthening or expanding military blocs,” the proposal stated. “The legitimate interests and security concerns of all countries must be taken seriously and addressed appropriately.”

China abstained on Thursday in a vote in which the United Nations General Assembly passed a non-binding resolution demanding that Moscow end its hostilities in Ukraine and withdraw its forces from the country. Additionally, it is one of 16 countries that voted against or did not vote on nearly all of the five previous UN resolutions on the conflict.

The resolution, crafted by Ukraine in consultation with its allies, was approved by 141 votes in favor, seven against and 32 abstentions on the eve of the first anniversary of an invasion that appears to have left Russia more isolated than ever.

1- Respect for “the sovereignty of all countries” and “their territorial integrity”.

2- Abandoning the “cold war mentality” and respecting “legitimate security concerns of countries”, which Beijing has reiterated since the start of the invasion, in reference to Russia.

3- A ceasefire and a call for “restraint” to “prevent the situation from getting out of control”.

4- The start of peace talks, given that “dialogue and negotiation are the only viable way to resolve the crisis”, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5- The resolution of the humanitarian crisis, “effectively protecting the safety of civilians” and “establishing humanitarian corridors for their evacuation from war zones”.

6- Support for “the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine” and the cessation of “attacks on civilian installations”.

7- Protect the safety of nuclear power plants and put an end to “armed attacks on nuclear power plants”.

8- “Strategic Risk Reduction”, which emphasizes that “nuclear war should not and cannot be waged”.

9- The guarantee of the export of cereals, in which the United Nations must “play an important role”, according to the ministry.

ten- Stopping “unilateral sanctions” for “not solving problems, and may even create new ones”, according to Beijing, which has expressed its opposition to sanctions against Moscow since the start of the war.

11- Protecting the stability of industrial and supply chains, which includes a call on all parties to “oppose” the politicization and instrumentalization of the global economy.

12- Support for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war, which China is ready to “help”.

Barely a week before the outbreak of war, the presidents of China and Russia, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putinthey are committed to Beijing in a relationship of “limitless” friendship and China has maintained an ambiguous position throughout the conflict, that it calls for respect for Ukrainian territorial integrity while opposing sanctions against Moscow.

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