Last Wednesday afternoon in Castro Urdiales, two siblings aged 13 and 15 were arrested for the shocking murder of their mother. Their ill-conceived plan involved escaping with her corpse in their mother’s car, but it quickly went awry.

The siblings, identified as J. and E., aimed to drive away with their deceased mother after committing the crime. They placed Silvia’s lifeless body in the back seat, intending to dispose of it along an imaginary route.

However, their escape was cut short when, in their haste, one of them accidentally crashed the car into a wall.

Horrific Crime Unfolds

The tragic events unfolded in the family apartment, where an argument erupted between Silvia and her children for reasons still undisclosed.

Shockingly, one of the siblings fatally stabbed her in the neck with a knife. Subsequently, they inexplicably stripped her naked and covered her head with a garbage bag.

Abandoned Escape and Deceptive Calls

After placing their mother in the car, the siblings attempted to flee. Failing to control the vehicle, they crashed, prompting them to abandon the car and leave their home just after 8 p.m.

They then made a deceitful call to their maternal grandmother, falsely claiming they were victims of a kidnapping. In a subsequent call, they admitted something had happened with their mother and abruptly disconnected.

Discovery and Arrests

By the time of the second call, the authorities had already discovered Silvia’s lifeless body and the disturbed state of the house. The initial hypothesis of domestic violence involving the husband was dismissed as he was confirmed to be at work.

The focus shifted to finding the children. Police conducted searches throughout Castro Urdiales and located the siblings in Cotolino Park around 2:15 a.m.

Cold Encounter and Ongoing Investigation

The apprehension of the siblings in Cotolino Park was uneventful, with both appearing calm. While one surrendered without resistance, the other briefly fled but was later apprehended.

The Judicial Police are now investigating the motive behind the crime, conducting interviews within the family circle to understand the dynamics and any potential issues. The father’s testimony is considered crucial, although he is currently in a state of shock.

Legal Actions

The 15-year-old is under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, while the 13-year-old, being unimputable, awaits evaluation in a reception center to determine if a return to the family, specifically to his father, is possible.

The older sibling, aged 15, is now in a secure juvenile center following a judge’s decision yesterday afternoon. The internment is based on the “alleged commission” of a murder crime, as outlined in the accessible court order.

This measure is initially set for six months, with the possibility of extension until the trial concludes and a final sentence is reached.

The young boy underwent examination by the technical team affiliated with the Juvenile Court of Santander, which subsequently produced a report.

Following this, the Prosecutor’s Office obtained his statement and subsequently requested the court to enforce a precautionary measure of internment.

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