In Mexico, there are several mandatory rest days, which are authorized by the Mexican authorities for workers to celebrate the different civic and religious holidays that are commemorated in the national territory.

Similarly, the Ministry of Public Instruction (SEP) draws up a calendar for each school year in which days off – whether it’s vacation, vacation or vacation – and this April has a long holiday period to get out of town and spend time with the family.

April 2023 will have five full weekends, as the first day of the month falls on a Saturday, while the last day of April will be a Sunday. And as if that weren’t enough, said month will benefit from two full weeks of Easter holidayswhich will begin on Monday April 3 and end on Friday April 14.

Official SEP calendar 2022-2023 (GlobeLiveMedia)
Official SEP calendar 2022-2023 (GlobeLiveMedia)

This means that pupils at fundamental, upper secondary and higher levels, as well as academic and administrative school staff – from public and private establishments integrated into the national education system – will be able to take a break of half a month, from Saturday 1 to Sunday 16 April.

It should be noted that Holy Week, also known as great week, comes from the Catholic faith, which established itself in Mexico with the arrival of the Spanish evangelists in the 16th century. According to tradition, the last days of the life of Jesus of Nazareth are commemorated before his crucifixion.

Holy Week does not have a specific date to celebrate each year, as it is determined by the phases of the moon. According to tradition, this is the last week of the so-called period lentwhich begins with Ash Wednesday (mid February). It is for this reason that there are years when it is celebrated at the end of March or the beginning of April.

Holy Week in Mexico will be from April 3 to 14 (EFE / José Méndez)
Holy Week in Mexico will be from April 3 to 14 (EFE / José Méndez)

Likewise, like every month of the year, on the last Friday of April, academic activities will be suspended due to the Meeting of the Technical Council of the School and Intensive Continuing Education Workshop for New Teachers, Curriculum and Plans held on every school campus, taking place on the 28th.

He School Technical Council (CTE) is a collegial body, which makes pedagogical decisions in each basic education school — that is, preschool, primary and secondary — in order to improve and achieve the learning objectives of the pupils .

The councils are made up of the director of the educational center, as well as all the teaching staff of each establishment.

The bone "bridges" They are used by Mexicans to leave the city and go on vacation (Cuartoscuro)
The “bridges” are used by Mexicans to leave the city and go on vacation (Cuartoscuro)

For its part, April has no public holidays; However, said month is surrounded by several bridges, since at the end of March the commemoration of the birth of Benito Juarezwhile Labor Day is celebrated in May.

The third Monday in March is commemorated March 21st, a few days later, Easter begins and Labor Day is celebrated on the first of May. Likewise, educational institutions will have an additional day off May 5, because it commemorates the Battle of Puebla, in which the troops of Ignacio Zaragoza defeated the French army in 1862. Also, ten days later, on Monday May 15— is celebrated on The day of the masterso there will be no class either.

These will be the last days of suspension of school activities before the end of the 2022-2023 school year, which will end – according to the SEP calendar – on July 26, to make way for the summer holidays.

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