‘La Diosa’ singer protests Cuba and US gambling

‘La Diosa’ singer protests Cuba and US gambling

Cuban singer La Diosa hoisted a United States flag to make it clear that she was not on the Cuban baseball team, “because that team doesn’t represent me.”

The censorship he has endured for years in Cuba could not counter his image, seen last night on Cuban television, in the front row holding up a “freedom” sign at the World Baseball Classic in Miami.

When asked what it means to be there face to face with a team that represents a dictatorship, he replied:

“I gave myself the pleasure of telling him: homeland and life, you don’t know how to put it?”

Dianelys Alfonso, the goddess of Cuba, composer and interpreter of hits very popular on and off the island, has just shot her first music video in Miami.

Do they criticize you for the lyrics in the street?

“There are those who criticize them, those who love them, dance them, say they don’t like them but they dance them, hahaha sticky. It’s sticky”.

And the artist wants the message she raises against the dictatorship to hold too.

“For me, right now, the most important thing is the freedom of Cuba for my Cubans,” he says.

Due to her frontal stance and criticism from the island’s regime, she endured a long ordeal of obstacles and concert cancellations, marginalized, she says, by Cuban authorities.

“They didn’t give me a job, nobody cared, the only thing I wanted was to sing, they didn’t let me, they didn’t care.”

Referring to July 11, he says, “I saw how they beat Cubans who didn’t respect anything, not even the slightest right, it was a sad day.”

At the end of January, she arrived with her husband and children in the United States through the humanitarian parole program.

“Parole release for me was a salvation, if I had stayed in Cuba I would have ended up in prison.”

And now, in the country that opened the doors to him, he is preparing his next return to the stage.

“Oh my God, this is a challenge for you, you are sure that you know where you are, at the same time I told myself that you can do it, the Cubans are not going to abandon you, they know for what you fought.”

Talking about her dreams, she says she is very ambitious and wants everything.

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