With its variety of titles and genres, Paramount has managed to win the audience’s preferences. (Infobase)

The ace TV shows have carved out an important place for themselves among the reconfiguration of forms of entertainmentat a time when movies, music, podcasts and other formats seek to capture the attention of viewers through the various streaming platforms they consume.

Although the origin of the series dates back to the first half of the 20th century, the truth is that never before have the big chains invested and produced as much as in the new millennium, in a context where the users of these platforms consume the productions at an unimaginable speed.

Paramount+ has been one of the main players in the streaming war And of course, he opted for making series and many of them managed to keep users hooked, becoming the topic of conversation for weeks.

Here is a list of Paramount+ USA’s most popular series:

1. Mayor of Kingstown

Set in a small Michigan town where the only industry left is federal, state and private prisons, the story follows the McClusky family, power brokers between police, criminals, inmates, prison guards and politicians, in a completely dependent city. on jails. and the prisoners they contain.

2. Criminal minds

Criminal Minds is a crime drama series. It premiered on September 22, 2005 on the American television channel CBS. It shows the work of team members from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, a group of investigators from various branches of criminology dedicated to performing psychological and criminological analyzes of criminals to facilitate their capture.

3. School Spirits

A teenage girl trapped in the afterlife decides to investigate her mysterious disappearance with a group of other students who are also trapped in limbo at their high school.

4. Navy: Criminal Investigation

NCIS tracks federal agents from the Major Case Response Team (sometimes it deals with terrorism, since NCIS is tasked with investigating possible terrorist attacks, as long as they are related in some way or another to the Navy) of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, whose headquarters are at the Washington Naval Arsenal in Washington DC. The team is frequently assigned to major cases such as the death of the President’s nuclear missile adviser, a bomb situation on a Navy warship, the death of a celebrity on a reality show in a United States Marine Corps base, terrorist threats and kidnappings. However, they can be assigned any type of criminal case, as long as it is Marine Corps or Navy related.

5. The King of Tulsa

Just after being released from prison after 25 years, New York mob boss Dwight “The General” Manfredi is unceremoniously exiled by his boss to settle in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Realizing that his mafia family may not have their best interests in mind, Dwight slowly builds a “crew” from an unlikely group of characters, to help him establish a new criminal empire in a place which suits him well, it could be another planet.

6. 1923

Follow a new generation of the Dutton family at the turn of the 20th century as pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression plague the mountainous West and the Duttons who call it home.

7. Spongebob Squarepants

The adventures of a talking sponge who works in a fast food restaurant, takes sailing lessons and lives in a pineapple under the sea.

8. Star Trek: Picard

The series takes place 18 years after Jean-Luc Picard’s last appearance in “Star Trek: Nemesis” and finds the character deeply affected by the destruction of Romulus as shown in the film “Star Trek” (2009).


The elite unit of the FBI office in New York offers all its talents, intelligence and technical expertise to important cases to keep New York and the country safe.

10. Blue Bloods (Font Family)

Frank Reagan is the chief of the New York Police Department. The tough officer leads the force with as much diplomacy as his family, a detective saga marked by the tragic loss of his eldest son.

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking because they are different episodes or seasons, likewise, they may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

Paramount seeks to position itself among streaming platforms.  (Screenshot/paramountplus.com)
Paramount seeks to position itself among streaming platforms. (Screenshot/paramountplus.com)

Formerly known as CBS All Access, Paramount+ is a streaming service which is operated by Paramount Streaming, a subsidiary of Paramount Global, which offers original content or recently aired CBS programs.

The service was rebranded as Paramount+ on March 4, 2021, after the Merger of CBS and Viacomwhich also gave way to its expansion into Latin American countries as well as the Canadian, Nordic and Australian markets.

The service offers new and already famous titles such as The Real Criminal Minds, Behind the Music, The Top 40 of MTV, South Park, a cover of BET The Game, Lioness, The Offer; while it had the release of movies 45 days after release like A Quiet Place Part II Top Gun: Maverick and Paw Patrol: The Movie.

Currently its catalog includes films, series, documentaries produced by the channels Paramount Pictures, ViacomCBS, Metro-Golswyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, The Samuel Goldwyn Company and CBS Films. It also broadcasts the matches of National Women’s Soccer Leagueas well as selected UEFA Champions League and Europa League broadcasts.

According to figures revealed by the company itself, in the first half of 2022, the streaming platform had 43 million subscriberswhich could reach 49 million if the platform had not been withdrawn from Russia after the armed conflict with Ukraine.

Paramount+’s growth is vital for ViacomCBS, a cable TV company that has taken a beating in its numbers over the past decade.

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