A python bites a Man sitting on the toilet on the genitals

A Python bites a Man sitting on the toilet on the genitals

A 160-centimeter python, which had crawled through the pipes, today bit a resident of the Austrian city Graz on the genitals while he was sitting on the toilet, local media report.

The 65-year-old man was on the toilet when he felt a “prick” in his crotch, he told police.

Although he was not seriously injured, he was examined at a hospital to rule out possible infections.

The reptile has been identified as an albino reticulated python, a non-venomous species of snake, which belongs to the victim’s neighbor, a 24-year-old.

The boy, who assured that he does not understand how the pet could escape from the terrarium where he had it, has been accused of a crime of injuries due to negligence and is awaiting a decision whether to remove the animal.

The young man has ten other non-poisonous snakes and a gecko, and it is believed that the python reached the neighbor’s house through the pipes, explains the APA agency.

The python was rescued from the toilet by a reptile expert.

“It was not an easy task. The python had all its muscles in tension and was wedged into the pipe,” he explained to the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

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