Australia’s opposition party officially kicked off its election campaign on Sunday, vowing to combat inflation that has reached heights not seen in 21 years.

The center-left Labor Party has kicked off its campaign in Perth, on the country’s west coast, for the first time since World War Two, a sign of the importance that region has for the party’s plans to win the May 21 election.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has promised that, if elected prime minister, he will make child care and drug prices more affordable.

Due to the high price of housing, the Labor Party promised to buy 40% of housing for low and middle income people. He also promised to improve the quality of care for the elderly and raise wages.

“We can do better than this, much better,” Albanese insisted in a speech to supporters, referring to the Conservatives’ nine years in power.

“We will care for the young, we will care for the sick, we will care for the elderly. No one will be forgotten”, promised Albanese.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has attacked Labor’s plan to buy housing stakes, saying it is a money-making ploy by the Labor Party.

“They’ll buy a stake in your home and as home prices go up, they’ll keep the profit,” Morrison said.

“I don’t have any plans to make money from other people’s houses. On the contrary, I want all citizens to have their own home”.

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