The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), said this Wednesday that he will be vaccinated against coronavirus The next week. The inoculation is done following the turn that is due to his age and after undergoing tests recommended by his doctors because this year he suffered the disease transmitted by covid-19.

The president was originally going to be immunized on Thursday, but at the beginning of the week he indicated that he was going to carry out some studies before, because the doctors who treated him when he suffered the COVID-19 in January they told him that he had generated enough antibodies.

I have antibodies but they recommend that I have to get vaccinated”, He affirmed on Wednesday in his daily press conference. “I get vaccinated next week“, He added, although he clarified that he is not going to give more details because he does not want to”let there be a show”.

AMLO, 67 years old and suffering from hypertension, was infected with coronavirus in January and he was confined for about two weeks in the National Palace of the capital, where he resides with his family, presenting only brief episodes of low-grade fever and a slight headache.

Mexico It is one of the three countries most affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus in the world. As of Tuesday, it had 202,633 deaths and 2.2 million infected.

Before Christmas, it became the first country in Latin America to start vaccinating its population against the COVID-19. But as of Tuesday, it had immunized 5.8% of its 126 million inhabitants, while Argentina and Brazil have vaccinated 8% and Chile half of its population.

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