Amazon starts delivering e-bikes and on foot in London

Amazon starts delivering e-bikes and on foot in London

Amazon is stepping up electric micromobility deliveries in London. The giant is increasing the number of electric bikes and delivery people on foot.

Amazon started delivering parcels by electric delivery bike and on foot in the UK for the very first time. The e-commerce giant is pursuing its climate protection goals. The company has opened a dedicated micromobility hub in central London. She explains that walkers and e-bikes will enable more than a million deliveries a year from the Hackney hub. These trips will replace thousands of deliveries with conventional vehicles.

Amazon steps up electric micromobility deliveries in London

At first, e-bikes and walk-behind delivery people will be in service on more than a tenth of the city’s ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ). E-bikes and fully electric vehicles are exempt from the London Congestion Charge and ULEZ taxes, which will allow Amazon and its delivery partners to avoid paying these charges.

Amazon plans to open more e-bike delivery hubs across the UK in the coming months. The American giant already has more than 1,000 electric delivery vans on the roads of the country. A few months ago, the company added five fully electric trucks to its UK fleet to replace internal combustion trucks.

The giant is multiplying electric bikes and foot delivery people

This isn’t the first time Amazon has used electric delivery bikes. Euronews specifies that these are already used in five cities in France and seven metropolitan areas in Germany. The American company also uses electric scooters in Italy and Spain. Last November, it made two-thirds of its deliveries in Paris with electric bicycles, delivery people on foot and electric vehicles.

As part of his project Shipment Zero Amazon aims to deliver 50% of its packages with zero carbon emissions by 2030. The company hopes to be completely carbon neutral by 2040 as part of its Climate Pledge.

The American giant also hopes to be able to run its operations entirely on renewable energy by 2025. It will install more than 30,000 additional solar panels at its sites in Manchester, Coalville, Haydock, Bristol and Milton Keynes by the end of the year. end of the year. Amazon has 18 on-site solar projects in the UK and is working to double that number by 2024.

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