The “intimate” coach praised the work of his coaches.

Lima Covenant victory at UTC of Cajamarca for the 7 date of the opening of League 1. La Victoria’s team scored an important victory against a tough rival. Guillermo Salascoach ‘narrow‘, He said they were still a bit lacking in rhythm, as this is their third meeting this year. In addition, he specifies that the reinforcements are integrated, little by little, into the workforce.

“Since 2018, Alianza Lima doesn’t win a match here (Cajamarca). We appreciate the sacrifice and commitment of the entire squad, players and starting XI. Also of those who entered, of those who remained outside and of those who are in Lima as well”, said the ‘boy‘.

“Three points are very important for us. With three games played on the field, we have nine points. We are there in the fight. This match concentrates us and places us very well. Hopefully this is the start of a very good opening tournament. Now we are playing at home next week and we hope to enjoy it too,” he said.

“Not just Sabbag, all the players who arrived this year are still adapting. They are the reinforcements for this season, we have been following them since last year. We know how they are, we know how they are and we know what they can bring us nationally and internationally“, he underlined.

“What we miss are the matches. It’s our third game this year and the reinforcements will continue to improve. Sabbag, the ‘Fusil’ (Andrés Andrade), Santiago García, among others. Also, all the players we have in the team are important. Everyone gives their grain of sand here. Everyone is committed and I’m sure it will be a great year for the club.”

With a goal from Pablo Sabbag, Guillermo Salas’ team secured their third victory in Liga 1 2023. (Video: Liga 1 Max).

Lima Covenant 1-0 win UTC In the stadium Hero San Ramon. The first minutes of the game were for the ‘northern hawk‘. The hosts had control of the game in the first minutes, due to the pressure they exerted on their rivals. In the first 10 minutes, those led by the Argentinian Marcelo Grioni they had the auctions of Rely Fernandez there Gaspar Gentile who were caught by Frank Saravia.

In the 15th minute, after a poor clearance from Pablo Migueza kingdom of Professor Peraza touched in the hand of Yordi Vilchez within the area. jesus cartagena, referee of the commitment, was close to the action, but decided not to impose a penalty. All Cajamarca players claimed the action, as they felt it was unfair that this game was not penalised.

From this situation, the following dangerous actions were for the ‘narrow‘. Brian Reina and the Peruvian central defender demanded Patrick Zubzuckbut the goalkeeper was well placed not to open the scoring.

At the start of the second half, the ‘Blue and white‘ They put up a great game on the left side of the pitch. Jairo Concha He received it near the area and quickly gave a pass to Gabriel Costa. The Uruguayan winger let the ball pass between his legs for me to reach him Paul Sabbag. The Colombian striker fired a top-notch left-footed shot to score the game’s first goal.

After this annotation, the pupils of Guillermo Salas They had two chances to close the game. Sabbagh, again, had a cross shot, but it was removed by the opposing goalkeeper. A few minutes from the end, Gino Peruzzi He put a cross in the area that was not used by Coast.

The bone ‘narrow‘ they will face each other before Cusco F.C. Saturday March 11 at the stadium Alexander Villanueva. The Cusqueño team will play their match against union for date 7 Monday, March 6. In the case of ‘northern hawk‘, they will visit Carlos A. Mannucci on Sunday March 12 at 4:00 p.m. in Peru. He ‘tricolor‘ just lost 2-0 against Cesar Vallejo.

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