Algeria responded unfavorably to a request from the United States relating to the reactivation of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline crossing Morocco, for which it refused to renew the contract which expired on October 31st. The neighbor to the east should, through this reactivation of the GME, increase its gas supplies to the old continent in this period of Ukrainian crisis.

During her recent visit to Algiers, US Under-Secretary of State Windy Sherman asked the Algerian authorities to reactivate the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline crossing Morocco in order to supply more gas to Europe, Algerian media report. A way for the United States to support Europeans who are looking for an alternative to Russian gas supplies Europe with 4%, after the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine. But Washington came up against Algiers’ categorical refusal.
Like some Arab countries, Algeria does not want to alienate Russia (its partner) or undermine its relations with Westerners. The proof of this is that Toufik Hakkar, CEO of Sonatrach, had, in a statement to the Algerian newspaper Liberté, announced that his country was ready to supply more gas to Europe, in the event of a drop in Russian exports, but his company has later denied the remarks. The manager’s remarks were “manipulated and distorted” by the daily, said Sonatrach, which has also filed a complaint against Liberté.

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