Lionel Messi’s situation at PSG is causing a lot of talk around the world. Everyone wishing to give their opinion on the more than complicated situation of the Argentinian in Paris. If some criticize the level of play of La Pulga, many also attack PSG or at least the choice of the sevenfold Golden Ball to join the French capital. Daniel Alves, former Barça legend, returned this winter to Catalonia and spent less gloriously in Paris, returned for ESPN to the situation of the one with whom he shared the right lane a few years ago: “for me, no, he does not take pleasure. Leo makes this game special, and he does it when he feels good. When it does, others benefit too. (…) In my opinion, he is confused there. Leo lived in the best place in the world to practice what he loves.”

The former Juventus Turin player then gives an anecdote that will make Barça fans nostalgic: “Leo always said to me: ‘Where will you be better than here (Barcelona)?’ I checked, there is no better place than here. When we found out he was leaving, I sent him the same message he had sent to me. The Brazilian concluded this speech by saying that there is no better place than FC Barcelona: “I hope he can come back. Let him come with me here, to enjoy a little more of all this. (…) Everyone who leaves here regrets it. All. Some say no, because they don’t like to lose, but everyone who leaves regrets it. Because they will not be better than here, anywhere.

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