Colombian Interior Minister Alfonso Prada. REUTERS/Nathalia Angarita

It has been six months since the government of Gustavo Petro, the first with a progressive ideology, which came with the promise of making changes in the way the country has been administered throughout its history. However, he is going through a moment of great tension due to the strong opposition of certain sectors of society to his reforms and because the political parties condition their support in Congress.

In this context, the Minister of the Interior, alphonse pradawho is also the official spokesperson for the executive, spoke in the dialogue for the newspaper The viewer on the strategy to carry out the proposed reforms and maintain the support of the majority of the members of Congress.

He indicated that at that time the Government This is a normal process within the legislature. In addition, he explained that extraordinary sessions have been convened, extending the session period from 13 to 19 weeks, in order to deepen the debates and “to obtain better results”. Likewise, he assured that he had meetings and retreats with several members of Congress to receive concerns and explain the content of the bills.

On the other hand, he said that the reason why there is always great media coverage whenever bills are introduced is that not only journalists, but also society in general, learn about their contents.

He also assured that the spirit of conciliation that President Petro had during the first weeks of his mandate is maintained, and even more so now that “the time has come to present the heart of the government program and this obliges us to have better communication with journalists, the people, social organizations and Congress”.

In this sense, he affirmed that the bill he considers to be the most “tangled” is that of the National Development Plan (PND), for which a lot of effort will be needed, especially in aspects such as health reform and the dismantling of high-impact organizations.

In addition, he assured that the government will not give up on any reform given the short time available to carry them all out and that there are still four and a half years to work. Likewise, he expressed that the best way to continue the programs is for governments to come after Petro with the same ideological affinity. With this, says Prada, better results could be achieved against poverty, for universal education, dignified health and climate justice, among others.

He affirmed that the government’s program cannot be achieved in six months, but that the pedestals for subsequent administrations to continue.

Regarding the demonstrations against and in favor of the government, Prada assured that they show that there is a democracy “lively and deliberative”. Likewise, he said the Feb. 14 call was meant to socialize the reforms so that citizens have the ability to “manifest them, criticize them, propose them and take ownership of them.” Moreover, he said it was a spontaneous protest that went well.

On another point, he gave his opinion on the regional electionsguaranteeing that neither he nor the government will involve themselves in partisan decisions regarding candidates and that they will only interact with Congress as permitted by the Political Constitution.

On the reform of Electoral codeindicated that the urgent message has been withdrawn so that it has several months of reflection and that both the Office of the Registrar, the National Electoral Council and the benches can intervene in the discussion.

In addition, he referred to the government’s relationship with the Attorney General’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office, given the tensions with these entities in recent months and the dismissal of the director of the SAE, Daniel Rojasto which he said he only hoped that government officials had full guarantees for his defense and that the investigations against him were not politicized.

When asked if he saw himself as Gustavo Petro’s successor as president, he replied that “Never” and that all he wants is to help the government bring about the change he wants.

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