Alex Txikon retires from Everest (8,848 meters). There are 44 confirmed cases of coronavirus among the base camp and the high fields. The incidence is high since it is estimated that a hundred mountaineers and Sherpas are coinciding on the classic South-Southwest route of the highest mountain on Earth.

Txikon surprised when communicating that it would try, in alpine style and without the use of artificial oxygen, the highest mountain on the planet. He was in the Manaslu in winter and it seemed that he would not do more activity in the following months. But the opportunity was opened to him and he did not hesitate. He flew back to Nepal.

The one from Lemoa (Vizcaya) has been acclimating in Pumori and had already reached 6,400 meters. in the Valle del Silencio area. Ahead was the Western Circus, the Lhotse wall, the yellow stripes, the South Col and the South Peak.

The summit has been made more accessible due to the earthquakes of a few years ago (2015) as the Hillary Step has practically disappeared.

Once at the Base, Txikon realized that the mountain was packed with people, basically from commercial groups with clients with very little experience. He also noticed that, upon arrival, twenty mountaineers were evacuated to Kathmandu because they had tested positive for COVID-19.

It appears that almost a hundred tests have been performed and about 44 have tested positive. Txikon is not among the positives but is withdrawn as a precaution. It would not be smart to be infected, for example, in the Collado Sur and literally risk your life if it affects your respiratory constants. At that point it would be very difficult to escape.

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