Alejandra Baigorria cries out her love for Said Palao. (instagram)

Alejandra Baigorria there Said Palau They entered 2023 more united than ever, leaving behind the rumors of a breakup. Both have left reviews about their relationship in the past for the alleged infidelity of the reality boy and have not stopped showing their love on social networks by dedicating photos, videos and romantic messages.

As part of the Day of Love and Friendship on Tuesday, February 14, the businesswoman did not hesitate to share a few tender words for her darling on her digital platforms. Although during the day none of them posted content to celebrate Valentine’s Day and generating speculation of distancing, the blonde took charge of making it clear that everything is going well.

A few minutes before the end of the famous Valentine’s Day, Alejandra Baigorria posted via his official Instagram account a video compiling several moments he enjoyed with Said Palau. Moreover, he pointed out that they were able to overcome the problems and continue their love affair.

“Happy Day of Love. Here is a summary of 2 and a half years of a thousand adventures, travels, good and bad times together. And we wanted to share them with you. Doing the reel and seeing so many moments, we were surprised. Together we have been through many good and bad times, but here we are strong and happy,” reads the first lines of his text.

She also explained that she and the warrior aren’t celebrating any special dates, but decided to share some of their romance with their followers. Finally, he surprised more than one by announcing that very soon he would announce an important project that will change his life, implying that his relationship with the member of the EEG will improve.

“We are preparing something beautiful for our future, a big step is coming that we will take… and we are happy, we are going at our own pace. Soon we will give you good news. Good day my love. I love you,” he concluded.


Magaly Medina considers that Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao do not have a good romantic relationship. In the latest edition of her program, the popular “Urraca” realized that after 9:00 p.m. on February 14, neither of them had dedicated something romantic to each other, as most couples usually do at this time. special date.

This caused the popular “Urraca” to lament the “coldness” of the reality boy. “For example to the eternal girlfriends (…) There are several like that, one of them is Alejandra Baigorria, poor thing. They didn’t even greet her on Instagram, nothing. Neither her nor the buddy, nothing, zero. Absolute chill, everyone in the gym, doing their thing, not a stolen rose in a garden. Nothing, nothing,” he said.

“But that relationship wasn’t so good anymore, remember he was at that rave, we saw him with the girl. Yeah, she tried to run him under hot water, but no , it didn’t really work anymore. Well, anyway, they’re here,” he added.

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