Impressive accident in Mendoza: a car was embedded in the door of a theater and injured 15 people

Accident in Mendoza: a car was embedded in the door of a theater and injured 15 people

What seemed to be the closing of a great artistic week for a theater in Mendoza, in the City of Godoy Cruz, turned into a night of horror. A car crashed into the door of the building and injured 15 people, who were just leaving to see the show in which Soledad Silveyra and Verónica Llinás were performing.. The incident occurred after accidentallya disabled person reversed his automatic vehicle and rammed the partition in front of the place.

“So far we have registered 15 injured, of which they are distributed in the Central Hospital or in the Luis Lagiomaggiore. Three of those 15 are code red, that is to say that they have polytraumatisms and are being evaluated by the medical teams. The rest of the people who needed assistance were treated by emergency personnel, “explained the mayor of the place, Tadeo García Zalazar.

A few minutes after the show ended, the public began to gather outside the theater to wait for the actresses and take a precious souvenir: the photo with the stars. For that reason, a group of approximately 30 people were waiting at the gates. When suddenly Soledad Silveyra and Verónica Llinas came out to meet him and thanked the people for their interest and affection.

After a few minutes of sharing with the public, The two actresses returned inside accompanied by security personnel from the place. Both were getting ready to relax when suddenly a noise broke into the night and a series of screams began to be heard in the distance.. It was there when the vehicle, driven by a disabled person, hit the people squarely. “I didn’t do it on purpose,” the man shouted when people tried to pounce to punish him and repudiate his inexperience behind the wheel.

“He ran over all the people who were waiting for us and it was horrible, it was the scariest thing, I never imagined seeing something like that. It was a glorious, wonderful night and it ends with this tragedy that we cannot believe. We are angry with ourselves because we would have wanted to stay until the end. We were with the people, they took us out and well, we both wanted to leave. We went out and stayed with the owners of the theater taking the photo and that saved us, if we hadn’t been with the people there taking our photo and signing. You have to be in communication with the hospital, there are 3 serious people, we saw it, ”she explained in anguish, and in the middle of tears, Soledad Silveyra, in dialogue with Todo Noticias, how she narrowly escaped the situation.

A disabled man reversed his automatic vehicle and rammed the public waiting at the scene

In addition, the actress continued to reconstruct the scene and provide more details: “Destroyed, the truth that destroyed, I apologize to the people. Five nights with packed theater and see what is coming to happen. The driver said ‘I didn’t do it on purpose’, because people wanted to grab him. I opened the door, because they wouldn’t let us out, and I see a car as if it had gotten out of the pullman and gone out into the street. And seeing the legs of all the people under the car. The photo with the family of the owner of the theater, who passed away recently and we stayed with them who brought us some wines and we were there and we heard a terrible noise and they told us ‘don’t go out, don’t go out’, the usherette fainting”.

Now, authorities and police personnel are investigating the scene to determine the cause of the accident. The car was modified for a person with a disability. They seek to find out how it was fired backwards and thus hit the entrance screen. After the impact, the tail of the car was destroyed and the broken glass of the access to the place rested on its roof. After the incident, a security operation of firefighters and ambulances was deployed to transfer people who needed attention.

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