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Abdo Benítez highlights the work of the German women who migrated to the Paraguayan Chaco

The president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, highlighted this Saturday the “sacrifice and struggle” of the first German women who migrated to the country and formed a colony in the Chaco.

The president mentioned that 60% of the Germans who arrived in his country in 1947, fleeing the Russian communist regime, were women with sons and daughters from whom “war and violence” took away their loved ones.

Abdo Benítez participated in the celebration for the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Colonia Neuland (new earth in German) located in the department of Boquerón, 450 kilometers from Asunción, in the Paraguayan Chacho.

The head of state assured in his speech that the “pioneers” can see today that “their sacrifice and their struggle have germinated in fertile lands” having formed a new generation that is living “times of prosperity.”

The president compared the Germans -for their work in community development- with Las Residentas, Paraguayan survivors of the War Against the Triple Alliance (Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil) recognized in history as rebuilders of the nation.

Mario Abdo promised to “honor” those who “saved the Chaco” with important paving works.

He mentioned in that context the Bioceanic route that in its entire extent, from the border with Brazil to the border with Argentina, will connect seaports in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, passing through the Chaco.

“Let’s not destroy that culture of work that really makes human beings worthy,” said the leader of the Executive.

Since they settled in Paraguay, this colony of Russian Mennonites of German origin has been dedicated to the production of beef and its dairy products, and to agriculture.

Melissa Galbraith
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