Aaron Picasso launched his parody of ‘Rap del Gringo Atrasador’ | instagram

Aaron Picasso is the first ‘Jaimito of “There’s room down there.” The young actor gave something to talk about by revealing that he had done a casting to play his character again, but in the end he was not selected and it is now Jorge Guerra who takes this position.

Since then, he hasn’t stopped joking about his departure and ‘calling’ his return, earning him a large following on social media. However, it also creates other types of content for TikTok or Instagram.

In ICT Tac He has over 720,000 followers and on Instagram over 74,000 users who like his content. He joined various trends and collaborations with characters from these networks; however, he surprised with a parody that gave people something to talk about.

In “Down there is room” the second part of ‘Rap of the Gringo Atrasador’. In the Friday, March 10 chapter, Joel Gonzales and Diego Montalbán reveal this hit that has become a trend. Taking advantage of this moment, Aaron Picasso He did the same and did not hesitate to make a parody, in his own way, of this memorable rap.

Aaron Picasso released his parody of 'Rap del Gringo Atrasador'.  (instagram)
Aaron Picasso released his parody of ‘Rap del Gringo Atrasador’. (instagram)

Through his social networks he shared the video of which he changed the lyrics according to his personality and what he wants to say for not having obtained the role of Jaimito. He laughs at himself and has fun with this subject.

In part of the lyrics, he mentions, “We gon’ pop up, I wanna pop up, give me the track to rap that I’m going viral.” And then maybe later they’ll tell me to come back, but let it be because there’s no work. From direct TV to TikTok, my job is gone and I’m on a mission, I don’t tell the time anymore, they say it’s going out of fashion, that I do everything to get them to put me on, but no one gives me one more bullet”.

As expected, this video drew various comments. Some users have highlighted the talent of picasso for this creation and even pointed out that they really liked the content because they found it very creative and fun.

On the other hand, there were also those who called this video boring. Internet users pointed out that it was time for him to “get over” this character and stop talking about it. So they also told him that they were going to stop following him because they didn’t agree with this video.

However, Aaron Picasso He preferred not to sit idly by and responded to a comment that apparently was not to his liking. One netizen commented that if he continued with videos like these, he would rather unfollow him on Instagram. “One more and we no longer follow (stop following)?”.

“Bro, with all due respect, if you don’t like my content, you can unsubscribe, you’re doing me a favor. Greetings!” Was the actor’s forceful response to that comment. The clip has over 8,000 likes on Instagram and hundreds of comments.

Aaron Picasso responded to internet users who criticized him.  (instagram)
Aaron Picasso responded to internet users who criticized him. (instagram)

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