A man was sentenced to 5 years in prison for transporting 17 kilos of marijuana and trying to escape a police check

A man was sentenced to 5 years in prison for transporting 17 kilos of marijuana and trying to escape a police check

Jesús Oscar Saravia tried to escape with his 150-cylinder motorcycle and a shipment of 17 kilos of marijuana from a National Gendarmerie control in the town of Aguaray in Salta. As a result, he was sentenced to 5 years and 2 months in prison. (Photo: Fiscales.gob)

An oral tribunal in the province of Salta sentenced a man who transported 17 kilos of marijuana on his motorbike to 5 years and 2 months in prison as he tried to escape from a National Gendarmerie checkpoint in the northern city of The snow. As noted in the filing, the escape was aborted after the fugitive fell a few blocks away. They found it with the help of neighbors.

The sentence was pronounced by a single judge Mario Marcelo Juarez Almarazpresided over by the Federal Oral Tribunal 1 of the province of Salta, and was preceded by an agreement of summary trial proposed by the federal prosecutor Jose Louis Bruno and the defendant’s defense Jesus Oscar Saraviain which he admitted the facts that “he was arrested on October 29, after a brief pursuit in the streets surrounding the municipal cemetery of La locality of Aguaray -in the department of General San Martín-”, the Public Ministry (MPF) said in an official statement.

The chase began when the motorcyclist “escaped from a mobile checkpoint of the national gendarmerie”. At this moment, he received, from the personnel stationed on the spot, “the voice of the gendarmes of the Nucleus Section of Squadron 54, but he omitted this order and accelerated the rollingwith which he nearly ran over a man in uniform,” added the statement on the case which had a final conviction last Wednesday.

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Saravia I was traveling with a companion in charge of bringing “a burlap sack”. And when the motorcycle accelerated, they fled in the direction of a nearby cemetery, after which the gendarmes went in search of them. “A few streets away, the soldiers found the 150-cylinder motorcycle lying in the street… with the engine running and the bag with the medicine on the side”. In this context, the immediate seizure of the cargo was ordered.

In this sense, the expertise carried out in the context of the file proposed as a result of the fact that the consignment in question contained a total of 17 kilos of marijuana“from which it was possible to extract 568,481.13 threshold doses”, explained the federal tax Bruno. On the other hand, when he fell off the motorcycle -which was coming at high speed- Saravia hid with wounds in both arms and one of his legs in a vacant spot of the area. However, he was discovered shortly after with the help of some neighbors who told the National Gendarmerie where the fugitive was hiding.

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“In front of the witnesses, -the accused- admitted that he was driving the motorcycle, with which they had an accident while turning in the street Los Ceibos great speed. He said that after the fall his friend fled, although he could not indicate where he went,” MPF reported.

The sentence of 5 years and 2 months in prison was finalized as a corollary to an agreement for an abbreviated trial which the judge approved after the criminal prosecution review hearing. He drug transport offense that it has framed illegal conduct, it provides for an expectation in the abstract of 4 to 15 years in prison.

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