A group of criminals dismembered a businesswoman in Barranca. Video: American Television

Business man Alphonse Augusto Utrilla Solis, 35, was reported missing by his family a week ago. The Peruvian National Police (PNP) began the search in Supe, Barranca, as no one provided information on his whereabouts. Last Thursday, a body was found inside a rented room: it was the victim.

The murderers had become enraged against the body: wrapped in sheets, next to a toilet, were the thorax and the head; on the other side of the room were the arms and legs. The house, located on the 10th block of Francisco Vidal Avenue, was a pool of blood.

This Sunday, February 19, the day when Utrilla Solis He disappeared, he had left his house to buy medicine, but he never came back, revealed his sister, who warned the police that his relative did not show up.

Residents of the neighborhood noticed a fetid smell coming from rooms n°29 and n°22, warned the PNP and the Barranca Police Division He suspected that something strange was going on in this area because of the strong odors that emanated from it: when they entered, they were surprised by the mutilated body.

The body of a businessman was dismembered in Barranca | VIDEO: Latinas

Venezuelan citizens lived in the room, who were captured by the PNP: Jose Luis Torres Delgado (20), Jorge Luis Hernandez Mayta (19), Alimar Graciela Rivas Solorzano (18) y Alisbeth Alexandra Diaz naughty (18). They were transferred to the sector police station in the middle of a crowd that wanted justice with their hands. All were questioned by officers from the Homicide Division and remain in custody. However, neither of them wanted to talk.

The administrator of the building confirmed that the room had been rented by who would be the mastermind of the crime Alberth Antonio Machado: a Venezuelan criminal who has homicide charges in his country. He is currently on the run and wanted by the police.

It has been reported that the PNP has in power a video of the security cameras which confirm Utrilla Solis entered the property, but never exited. In addition, there were witnesses who saw the victim enter this building. The footage also shows two of the alleged homicide perpetrators leaving with blankets and backpacks that were allegedly used to distribute the body parts and then thrown in the trash, something that never happened as police has detained.

Neighbors and relatives wanted justice.  Capture: Latin
Neighbors and relatives wanted justice. Capture: Latin

The PNP’s assumption is that the victim knew his killers. They were allegedly drinking alcohol and when asked to give them his credit card numbers, in the middle of an argument, he was stabbed in the chest. The businessman’s wallet was not found at the crime scene.

Seeing the victim’s body, they reportedly decided to cut it into pieces, wrap it in sheets and then throw it in trash bags, which were in the bedroom but had not been used. There was also a knife and a hammer that were used in the homicide.

The family of Utrilla Solis He demanded justice and demanded the maximum sentence against the perpetrators of the crime.

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