92 members of Congress would have liked to acquire an iPhone mobile phone with a state budget

92 members of Congress would have liked to acquire an iPhone mobile phone with a state budget

Congressmen Hernando Guerra García, Patricia Chirinos and Edward Málaga are on the iPhone cellphone candidate list.

After refusing to approve general election advance for this year in order to get out of the serious political crisis, a new scandal falls on the Congress of the Republic. About 92 parliamentarians would have liked to acquire an iPhone cell phone with the state budget despite the salary and bonuses they receive for their function.

according to the newspaper The Republicthe applicants come from the banks of Master Block, Bicentenary of Peru, Democratic change, we can, we are in peru, Democratic Peru and not grouped.

Some names stand out like Hernando Guerra Garcia, César Revilla and Héctor Valer from Fujimorismo; Waldemar Cerrón, Kelly Portalatino and Francis Paredes (Free Peru); Karol Paredes and Silvia Monteza (Popular Action); Lady Camones and Idelso Garcia (APP); Patricia Chirinos there Norma Yarrow (Advanced country); Sigrid Bazan (democratic change) and Susel Paredes there Edward Málaga of ungrouped.

This would have materialized on November 23 when the good pro was granted to the telephone company Entel for an amount exceeding one million soles.


The aforementioned media mentions that the contract was signed by the Director General of Congress Administration, Juan Carlos Paz Cárdenas, as well as by the representative of the Entel company, Juan Carlos Ballón. In addition, it is detailed that the service includes a line to make unlimited calls and Internet service, but the detail is that the equipment would be rented.

The week ended last Friday without the electoral advance being defined in this 2023. Initially, a reversal was voted so that the Constitution and Regulation Commission revisit the proposal in the coming days. This proposal was supported by 69 votes for, 35 against and 7 abstentions.

However, the legislator Jorge Montoya (popular revival) presented a review of the outcome which was not seen in plenary because Jose Williamsleader of Parliament, decided to adjourn the session unexpectedly without responding to the request of the deputy Flor Pablo (not grouped), who asked “as a matter of urgency” for the extension of the legislature and the suspension of the week of representation, as well as Ruth Luque (Together for Peru) and Jaime Quito (Free Peru).

In statements to the press, Congressman Guerra García indicated that they could not meet in the Constitution group while the re-examination of Montoya pending a vote continued, so it would take place at the beginning of the second legislature of the session period 2022-2023 which begins in March.

It was the vote to analyze the progress of the elections to the Constitution Commission. TV Congress

“It will prevent us from being able to call (a meeting) for tomorrow… it’s one thing to have different opinions and another thing to be obstructive,” he said.

If the green light is obtained, the opinion issued by the Constitution would not be confirmed until the next legislature, starting in August, with which the chances of approving the elections for this year are nil. Furthermore, an electoral process takes at least seven months to take place, according to the law.

“The only possibility for elections to be held this year was for Congress to approve the plan in March with 66 votes, plus a referendum in June and a first round in December,” the research portal reported. Epicenter.

He early elections It is one of the main demands of the anti-government protests that began in various parts of the country two months ago and in which 70 people died.

Jorge Montoya (Andean)
Jorge Montoya (Andean)

However, the legislature did not agree to approve any of the legislative initiatives that included this advancement of general elections to 2023 or 2024, two of them proposed by the executive and two others by parliamentary benches, including Fujimori.

“If the plenary session of Congress accepts it, the drafts that come to the Constitution Committee will be considered in due course,” said Williams, noting that this working group must find sufficient arguments to propose one of the proposals. in the plenary session. previous projects or a new one.

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