Valheim Cheat Codes: Cheats for God Mode, Improved Skills

Valheim Cheat Codes: Cheats for God Mode, Improved Skills

Use cheats for God Mode or skill improvements in Valheim. We offer you tips on the cheat codes in the Steam survival hit.

There are a few things you should keep in mind. You don’t need any mods or additional downloads to use the codes in Valheim. You just open the console within the game and enter the appropriate commands there.

In addition to being invulnerable, you spawn the items you want, unlock the full map or teleport to a location of your choice. You can also spawn any type of enemy in front of you using appropriate console commands.

Open console to enter cheats

To open the console for entering cheats in Valheim, simply press the key F5 on the keyboard. To activate the cheat mode, you type the command imacheater into the console.

Now you use the cheats that we present to you below these lines in the code list. Note that you have to play in offline mode by using the cheats in Valheim. If you want to use the codes in multiplayer mode, you need access from the server host or you have to be the server host yourself.

To return to normal mode after using the cheat codes, you type again imacheater on.

Valheim- Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Enter the following cheats from the code list in the console in Valheim.

Cheat Code effect
god God mode with invulnerability and one-hit kills
ghost Opponents ignore you
raiseskill [skill] [amount] Increases the skill by the entered value
resetskill [skill] Sets the skill to zero
resetcharacter Character skills and inventory will be reset
heal Character is completely healed
puke Health and stamina are set to default plus hunger reset
hair Hair is removed
beard Beard is removed
model [nr] Change gender by entering 0 or 1
dpsdebug Displays or disables the DPS in the HUD
players [nr] Scales the level of difficulty based on the number of players with 1, reset with 0
freefly Free camera movement
ffsmooth 1 Slow down of the free camera
ffsmooth 0 Reset the slowdown of the free camera from the default value
save Manual saving
exploremap Fog of war eliminated and map completely uncovered
resetmap Reset the revealed map
pos Displays map coordinates of the player position
goto [x,y] or goto [x,y,z] Teleports the player to the desired coordinates
location Set a new spawn location
killall Kills all enemies in the area
tame Tames all creatures in the area
removedrops Removes all dropped objects in the area
wind [angle] [intensity] Sets the direction and intensity of wind, Angle 0 for north, intensity 0 or 1
resetwind Resets wind and wind direction
tod [nr] Set time of day, 0 or 1 for midnight, 0.5 for noon, -1 restores normal time
skiptime [nr] Skip selected number of seconds
sleep Skip a day
event [name] Starts the selected event
stopevent Stops the current event
randomevent Starts a random event
spawn [item] [quantity] [level] Makes an item appear in the desired number and quality *
debugmode Start Creative Mode, with Z you fly around, with K you kill all opponents in the area, with B you start the free construction mode

* Create desired items

With the cheat code spawn [item] [quantity] [level] You create the desired items in a certain number and quality. Some items do not have a special quality. For example, if you use the command spawn Coins 50, so 50 coins appear in front of your character. Incidentally, it works similarly with opponents. So generated spawn Boar 4 1 four wild boars on level 1. You may let the following items or opponents appear. You can get a full list here:

  • CarrotSeeds
  • Chitin
  • Coal
  • Coins
  • Copper
  • CopperOre

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