Paris Jackson, son of the King of Pop, recalled how Halloween was celebrated at Michael Jackson’s house.

Halloween is here and while some are looking for a costume at the last minute, others are dedicated to remembering good Halloween icons such as Michael Jackson, who released several iconic songs for this special night. 

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Paris Jackson recalled how his father taught him and his siblings the single Thriller and how they traditionally celebrated Halloween. 

This is how Halloween was celebrated at Michael Jackson’s house 

Paris said that her Halloween with her father were fun, but at the same time different, since both wore masks every day so as not to be recognized and feel that that day they were like the others. 

“It was the only day of the year that we could go out with my father to the house of a family friend and do ‘trick or treat’. Kind of a normal Halloween celebration, ” said Michael Jackson’s daughter. 

When they were younger, people were worried about being poisoned and they also put razor blades between the ‘trinkets’. 

“We would go and pick up the candy but my father always threw it away and gave us a pillowcase full of them,” the Jackson heiress continued. 

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In the middle of 2021 it is possible that parents already know that their children should not eat so much candy, at least for Michael Jackson’s daughter that lesson was learned not to get bad for eating so many sweets that night.

Without a doubt, Paris remembers with joy her anecdotal Halloween times with her father and knows that she experienced one of the best Halloween with the King of Pop. 

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