A new video about the armed attack in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, circulates on social networks, allegedly carried out by drug dealers in the vicinity of the Hyatt Ziva hotel in Bahía Petempich.

In the video, two alleged drug dealers are observed running after being chased by armed individuals on the hotel beach.

They also see several subjects who carry long weapons to chase men designated as drug dealers.

One of the alleged drug dealers runs into the hotel as armed men chase and shoot him, so drops dead.

The confrontation took place on Thursday afternoon, causing terror among the guests who were sunbathing, playing games and sports or swimming in the sea.

As a result of the attack, two of the members of these gangs were killed and one tourist was injured minor events that warranted his hospitalization, according to the version released by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Armed confrontation between drug dealers unleashes terror in a hotel in the Cancun area.

The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it was a “confrontation with firearms between members of antagonistic groups of drug dealers”, on a beach in Puerto Morelos.

The governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, commented that, according to preliminary investigations, those responsible “arrived by sea” and they moved along the federal maritime land zone.

The state president said that no tourist was seriously injured and emphasized that together with the State Secretariat of Tourism (Sedetur), the necessary support and management has been provided with consular authorities.

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