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Black Friday 2022: 5 things you must do to make the most of early offers

Many companies, such as Amazon and Walmart, offer different discounts before Black Friday, so you can plan your purchases from these moments to maximize your savings

Black Friday is one of the most anticipated shopping dates of the year among consumers and retail stores. We are days away from this event and, like every year, it is important to consider some important things to make the most of the discounts that you can find. Although it may seem exaggerated, you need to plan your purchases and put in place 5 important things to get the most out of Black Friday deals.

1. Look for deals and price matches

Naturally, in a major event like Black Friday, you can find countless discounts; but you cannot assume that one is better than another without first comparing it. Even on particular shopping events, like Amazon Prime Day, many retailers markdown their products to match the online retailer’s 48-hour deals.

Even companies like Target and Walmart have a price match policy that might work for you, as they might also offer you some extra perk, like a longer warranty than another retailer. Amazon does not have a price match.

2. Not everything is Amazon Prime Day

To the surprise of many, Amazon twice held its famous Amazon Prime Day event, the last being on October 11 and 12. However, not all consumers have the opportunity to take advantage of these offers, because they do not have a Prime membership. For this reason, Black Friday is an event loved by many, since it does not require subscriptions of any kind.

3. Inflation could reduce your savings on purchases

Due to inflation, it is common to find high prices on desirable products. That could significantly reduce the deals you find on Black Friday. But not everything is high prices, you could also find yourself with the so-called “reduced inflation” of your purchase. Reduced inflation could mean smaller bundle sizes for the same price or products that previously came with more accessories now have just one item.

4. The tiebreaker can be between rewards and packs

When you have already applied price matching and yet the offer between retailers can be almost identical, the tiebreaker can be around the rewards that your credit card can offer you specifically in a particular store, thus maximizing your discount for cash back or points.

There are also retailers that offer a discounted package or add-on that the others don’t offer. For example, a store might offer a free charger with a tablet or e-reader, or extra accessories with the toy your child wants.

5. Don’t lose your receipts

Given the rush of taking advantage of Black Friday, going from store to store, hundreds of online searches to find the best offer and all the adrenaline rush, it is easy to lose the receipts of your purchases. Serious mistake.

Before you buy, check the retailers’ return policies and keep your receipts in a safe place so you and your gift recipients can return or exchange items. Most retailers offer generous holiday return policies with extended windows, among other benefits. For example, Walmart opened its holiday returns on October 1 through the end of January 2023. Shoppers can even schedule returns for home pickup.

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