Amazon will hire 150,000 employees by Christmas 2022: US states

Amazon will hire 150,000 employees by Christmas 2022: US states

Amazon announced its plans to add some 150,000 temporary and permanent employees to its workforce for the 2022 Christmas sales. In some US states there are more vacancies

Amazon, one of the leaders in online sales and e-commerce, will hire about 150,000 employees by the holiday season in 2022. The company has followed plans by others to temporarily increase its payroll to keep up with sales. , which start with Black Friday and end with Christmas and the New Year.

These 150,000 employees include temporary, full-time and part-time vacancies. Positions include warehousing, picking, packers, sorters, customer order shipping and more.

The states where the largest number of positions are being concentrated include California, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, Utah and Washington. Amazon is offering wages of $19 an hour for its employees, though the exact amount will depend on the position and location. Signing bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 are also being offered.

“We have many different businesses in various stages of evolution, and we expect to continue to adjust our hiring strategies in each of these businesses at various times,” Amazon spokesman Brad Glasser told FOX Business.

Recently, Amazon reported the total number of employees they have worldwide, which is 1.523 million full and part-time workers. This figure excludes contractors and temporary employees.

This announcement occurs just a few days before Amazon celebrates one of its sales events known as Prime Day. A few days ago, the Walmart retail store announced its plans to hire temporary staff for the holidays. They said they expect to increase their payroll by 40,000 workers in the United States alone.

Amazon, which usually ramps up its operations during the holidays, is targeting the same number of hires as last year. UPS and Target have also said that their Christmas hiring plans will also correspond to those of 2021, explains The Associated Press.

It is expected that this Christmas sales season will be overshadowed by the financial uncertainty that exists due to high inflation and the danger that the country could be headed for an economic recession.

Salesforce, which analyzes Internet shopping data, forecasts that digital sales will reach 265,000 million in November and December, an increase of just 3% compared to last year, explains AP.

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