Zuckerberg Shares a Mixed Reality Demo With His Next-gen Headset

Zuckerberg Shares a Mixed Reality Demo With His Next-gen Headset

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms, has wanted to share on his personal Facebook account a short video in which he shows himself using a test unit of his new model of high-end augmented reality headsets on which his company has been working for some time. , and known for the moment as Project Cambria.

In this brief demonstration , it has not been possible to see the physical aspect of the device, which was shown in a pixelated way , this aspect being one of the many unknowns that will continue to accompany until the company makes the device official.

What he has shown is a mixed reality experience that, he says, has been developed through the Presence Platform, the platform they have created to enable third-party developers to also create their mixed reality experiences that combine the “physical worlds”. and virtual.

It specifies that the demo used is “The World Beyond” and that it will soon arrive at App Lab.

And it highlights that:

It’s even better with full color carryover and the other advanced technologies we’re adding to Project Cambria. More details soon.

And it is not for less, since the device has higher quality image sensors to enable the visualization of the real environment in full color within the device itself, and in which a series of virtual elements will be superimposed that will be exposed with a Greater precision.

The immersive experience will be superior compared to the current Quest headphones, which allow you to capture the environment with its sensors but only in grayscale.

But Meta Platforms doesn’t want to target its new high-end headsets solely for gaming, as it also plans to target the productivity segment, perhaps to incentivize metaverse experiences for the workplace in the future.

There are many unknowns, although there is no need to throw bells on the fly either, since in the opinion of Janko Roettgers, of Protocol, who tested a unit, he equated the image quality with the decent quality of home video, far from the photorealistic visualization that was expected . obtain.

And that its price will not be exactly cheap, where about 799 dollars was considered, according to The Information , although from Meta they indicated that it will be significantly higher.

Rachel Maga
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