Will the next iMac be available in 5 colors? Rumors that Apple Silicon Mac Pro is similar to “stacked Mac mini”-GLM

Will the next iMac be available in 5 colors? Rumors that Apple Silicon Mac Pro is similar to “stacked Mac mini”-GLM

The next Mac, which has received high praise from M1-equipped Macs and is attracting attention one after another. Under such circumstances, it has been reported that the new iMac will be available in five color variations and that the shape of the body of the Apple Mac Pro with silicon will be predicted.

Jon Prosser, a proven leaker (who disseminates influential information about unreleased products), said in a new video on his YouTube channel Front Page Tech that the redesigned iMac is silver and space. It claims to be available in five colors: gray, green, sky blue and rose gold.

Prosser also publishes rendered images that show what each of these colors looks like. However, he added that he hasn’t actually confirmed the back of the new model yet, so it’s just a guess except for the color.

He also explains that the breadth of these colors aims to take advantage of the nostalgia of early iMacs such as lime, strawberry, blueberry, grape and tangerine.

As for the new iMac, it is expected that Apple Silicon will be installed and the screen will be narrow bezel when all other information is put together. However, details such as when it will be released in 2021 and when both 21.5-inch and 25-inch models will be released at the same time are not clear.

Prosser also outlines the Apple silicon-powered model of the Mac Pro. It supports Bloomberg’s famous reporter Mark Gurman’s “half the size of the current Mac Pro” theory, but claims that the design will look like “a stack of three or four Mac minis.” We have also released a predicted rendered image based on that outlook.

Mac Pro
Jon Prosser

In addition, it is said that the inside of this new Mac Pro will be composed of “computing unit at the bottom” and “large heat sink at the top”. There are rumors that Apple Silicon for the high end will be equipped with 128 GPU cores, and in order to maximize its potential, the heat exhaust system may be focused on.

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