According to the data provided, 40% of IT loads will have migrated to the cloud, approximately 85% of companies will adopt policies encouraging the use of solutions in this sector.

cloud computing is the availability of computing resources as services through the Internet. This technology frees companies from having to worry about provisioning, configuring or managing resources and allows them to pay only for what they use, which according to statistics will be the business of the future.

According to an analysis of Boston Consulting Groupby 2025, 40% of IT workloads will have migrated to the cloud, approximately 85% of enterprises will adopt policies encouraging the use of cloud solutions, and 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms.

Therefore, knowing what a container is, how the interfaces of application programming (APIs) allow communication between two applications and how machine learning is applied in business processes, will be knowledge that will open the doors of the cloud universe to students who have just graduated from high school.

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Likewise, for young people who wish to direct their career towards the field of technology. According to the given data, the IT industry has grown by 10% in 2021, in which it gives the opportunity for cloud computing to become the path to start a professional career in the IT sector.

This is why Google has made tools available for users of different platforms to train in cloud computing. Capacity + is a hub of freely accessible educational resources, which offers courses in which the person can develop all the capacities to deploy the power of cloud computing.

In Capacita+, people can find access to videos that will allow them to discover the solutions that make up the universe of cloud computing. Inside this hub, Skill Boost offers a learning path that includes foundational skills in computing, data, and cloud infrastructure.

It is made up of 24 labs and will introduce the basics of knowledge related to some Google Cloud solutions, such as BigQuery, dataflows, Kubernetesamong others.

According to the report of Global Knowledge 2022 Computer Skills And Skillsoft Salary ReportIn 2022, the most invested areas in Latin America were cloud computing, with 48% of IT departments betting on this technology, 31% on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and 30% on cybersecurity.

“Education is becoming the vehicle for industry development and the engine for nurturing new IT talent with the skills and specializations required by the market,” said Juan Pablo Consuegra, country manager for Google Cloud in Colombia.

According to Google, there are three different cloud computing deployment models, including public clouds, which are managed by external cloud service providers. They also offer computing, storage, and networking resources over the Internet, allowing businesses to access resources on demand.

Another model is that of private clouds created, managed and owned by a single organization, and privately hosted in their own data centers, commonly referred to as “on the site”.

In which they provide more control, security, and data management, while allowing internal users to benefit from a shared set of compute, storage, and network resources.

And finally, hybrid clouds that combine the two models, with which companies can take advantage of public cloud services and maintain the compliance and security functions usual in private cloud architectures.

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