WhatsApp’s new terms of service for privacy management are cringe. Well Named. But users who do not accept them will lose progress in some features.

Instant messaging services, like almost all digital services, use personal data. These must be carefully managed. Many laws have been put in place in this direction by governments but ultimately, it is the editors of said services who remain in control of what they do with them.

As long as they precisely inform their users. A recent change on WhatsApp has a hard time getting through.

WhatsApp details the process in case you don’t agree to the new terms of service

As you may already know, WhatsApp has implemented new terms of service and the platform is keen to have its users accept them. The question that arises is: what if it doesn’t?

There have already been rumors on the subject, including hinting that WhatsApp was going to delete these accounts. Information the company refuted in a support document uncovered by Gizmodo US.

You will gradually lose access to certain key features

That being said, WhatsApp will limit your account in the sense that you will gradually lose access to certain features, which will ultimately render the application unusable.

According to WhatsApp, “you will no longer be able to access your chat list but you will still be able to answer incoming audio and video calls. If you have notifications turned on, you can use them to read or reply to a message or call back in case you missed an audio or video call.”

The company also adds: “After a few weeks of limited functionality, you will no longer be able to receive calls or notifications and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone.” Your account will therefore still be technically active but all the features that make WhatsApp WhatsApp will be inaccessible.

These changes are expected to take effect on May 15. In other words, if you don’t want to agree to these new terms of service regarding privacy, you had better find yourself another instant messaging app.

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