Visual ChatGPT helps users to have conversations supported by images.

Little by little Microsoft has become one of the main drivers of artificial intelligence (AI) and over time has created tools that seem destined to change the world.

The company founded by Bill Gates has launched its new creation, the Visual ChatGPT, a software that has the ability to cleanly remove any object from photos, in addition to using artificial intelligence to automatically place captions to images that can be read by the computer and, thus, people with visual impairment can better understand the content.

This functionality is supported by the original ChatGPT, which operates in conjunction with a series of foundational models for sharing images during conversations.

Visual ChatGPT’s main objective is to provide users with more interactive chats by including images related to the topic being discussed.

This helps improve communication for those who find it easier to express themselves through images rather than text.

Visual ChatGPT operates through the use of artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms that can recognize objects and their characteristics.

Unlike tools that work with artificial intelligence, such as MidJourney and Dall-E, which make illustrations after analyzing a brief description in text provided by users, this tool operates in a more advanced way, as it takes the topics of the conversation between the bot and the people in order to make the interaction more visual and better understood.

Following Microsoft’s launch, other companies are already working on the creation of similar functions. For example, Meta is working on developing “creative and expressive tools” and “artificial intelligence personalities”.

There are also reports that Elon Musk has ordered the creation of a ChatGPT rival.

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