Twitter formalizes the upcoming arrival of its Super Followers

Twitter formalizes the upcoming arrival of its Super Followers

Twitter has long considered monetizing its platform other than through advertising. Today is a new feature that goes precisely in this direction.

It has been many years now that Twitter wants to reduce its dependence on advertising in its income. Numerous avenues have been studied over time. Today, the microblogging platform seems to have found. In any case, here is a new feature that will soon make its entry, the Super Followers.

Twitter formalizes Super Followers to monetize its platform

So Twitter has been looking for ways to monetize its platform for quite a long time, and its teams may have finally found a way to do it with a new paid feature called Super Followers. With this new option, Twitter users will be able to charge their followers for access to exclusive content, such as tweets, photos, videos and more.

The deployment date is still unknown

And if this feature sounds familiar to you, it’s because you’ve actually seen it somewhere. This is something that Google implemented on YouTube. Internet users can subscribe to a channel and pay a certain amount to “join” that channel and unblock a number of things, mainly video content, but also Q&A sessions, etc.

According to the Twitter statement, this feature would be a way for creators and other publishers to earn money directly from their followers. And there is no doubt that Twitter will take a commission on these transactions.

This model is not new. In the past, we’ve seen how creators can take advantage of a platform like Patreon to make money, and sometimes even live off their passion.

For now, no one knows when Twitter will launch this Super Followers feature or what commission the platform will take, but Twitter has repeatedly hinted at the possibility of a paid subscription system. It’s not really surprising to learn this feature from Super Followers.

Rachel Maga
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