Bibiana Fernández does not share the words of her friend Victoria Abril

Bibiana Fernández does not share the words of her friend Victoria Abril

This Thursday we were all astonished with the statements made by Victoria Abril at the Feroz Awards press conference.

Speaking of everything that had caused the pandemic after the Covid, the actress assured that the virus did not exist and that everything had become a circus, in addition to marking the entire vaccinated population as guinea pigs for being part of that ‘experiment’.
As we say, some words that have been very controversial and that have made many people in the media scene reveal themselves.Among them, Bibiana Fernández, a friend of the actress and the one who always has good words for the press. The television collaborator has assured that: “I adore Victoria, she seems like a hell of an actress, but I don’t share. I think that right now we can’t fool around with nonsense, we have a very difficult situation.”

“I’ve already lost people who I know and if I don’t put myself in the shoes of the people who have lost. It’s a personal matter, I respect everyone, but I don’t share it.”

Bibiana is one of the people who are taking the pandemic very seriously, in fact she has confessed to us that she only goes out to work, since she is very afraid of the disease: “I’m crazy because they vaccinate me, I don’t care what a vaccine, if not I play a rat, I play a guinea pig, I don’t care.”

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