The Twitter Blue subscription is becoming clearer. Its rate of $3 per month seems obvious. The list of features, on the other hand, is more fuzzy.

It’s been some time now that Twitter seeks to monetize its platform other than through advertising. Or at least less depending on the latter as a source of income. To do this, the service seems to have stopped on the establishment of a paid subscription offering a number of additional features. Things are confirmed little by little.

Twitter Blue subscription is becoming more precise

A few weeks ago, we learned that Twitter was working on the design of a subscription service called Twitter Blue. This could then cost $3 per month.

Today, these rumors are starting to gain weight and some information has even been confirmed by Twitter, as specified by the researcher specializing in the discovery of future features in tech giants, Jane Manchun Wong.

The rate of $ 3 per month is no longer in doubt

If we are to believe one of his last tweets, it seems that Twitter has publicly confirmed the existence of this program via subscription called Twitter Blue by including an in-app purchase in the application sheet of the Apple App Store.

The option is mentioned $3 per month, which is quite reasonable after all. According to Jane Manchun Wong, among the features unlocked with this subscription, we will note the possibility of including color themes and to choose from different icons.

This, of course, in addition to features already more or less obvious, namely the possibility of canceling the sending of a tweet, the provision of a bookmarks folder, a folder to store tweets favorites, etc.

Twitter has been working on monetization alternatives for its platform for several years now. Twitter Blue should be one of the answers to this problem.

Several rumors had also raised the possibility of seeing the arrival of an option to make a donation to an account. Another would make it possible to offer tweets that would only be visible to potential paying subscribers. Many possibilities.

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