Tumblr trolls Twitter by launching pointless double verification

Tumblr trolls Twitter by launching pointless double verification

What’s better than having a check blue? Well, have two! This is the proposal that Tumblr proposes to us. Yes, the platform recently made a comeback after changing its policies regarding nudity. Today, you wanted to make a little mockery of Twitter and its infamous Blue subscription, how did you do it? Launching your own subscription.

The chaos that is shaking Twitter is greater than what we are used to on the social network. For this reason, several celebrities have preferred to take a break from the blue bird, and have decided to migrate to Tumblr, an alternative that has seen better days. Unlike Twitter, the latter does not offer verification of any kind to official accounts, but it seems that you can already get one of your own… or, rather, two.

Dubbed Tumblr Important Blue Internet Checkmark, it’s the latest addition to the platform’s long list of jokes. You can get hold of it through the company’s website, and it does what you can already imagine: add two blue checks to your username.

Tumblr makes fun of Twitter and makes money in the process

But don’t get excited yet. It is a completely aesthetic addition to the social network. Is Important Internet Blue Mark will not give you any extra benefits nor a special status, which Twitter Blue does, despite all its ills.

How much does it cost to get Tumblr’s double check mark? Well, as they comment on their official announcement blog, it costs only 7.99 US dollars, and it is a single payment. look at it as one skin for your Tumblr username, nothing else. Curiously, the figure almost coincides with the price of Twitter’s proposal, another nod to make the mockery bigger.

Twitter Blue, for its part, does offer some extra additions. In addition to the famous check mark, it also allows your tweets to have greater relevancy in replies; you will be able to upload longer videos and other news that will arrive in the coming months. Assuming, of course, that the frame doesn’t collapse prematurely, which we no longer dare to guarantee.

With this, Tumblr makes it clear that it has not lost its classic personality. Despite the mass exodus that the social network suffered when it banned NSFW content several years ago. Since then, it has been struggling to make a comeback, albeit without much luck.

If you want to be very important, here is the solution

Tumblr trolls Twitter by launching pointless double verification

Our collaborator Aglaia Berlutti has sacrificed herself for the cause. She has shown that, in effect, the double check of Tumblr is useless

If you’re not content with having just two check marks, users report that you can buy multiple pairs. A) Yes, if you want to be very, very, very important on Tumblr, you can do it by buying again and again the subscription to the Important Blue Internet Brand offered by the social network.

What is the use of having six checkmarks exactly? for absolutely nothing. But yes, we have to admit that it looks flashy, and the best thing is that you can show all your friends how important you are on Tumblr… even if nobody uses it anymore.

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