To retain its employees, Apple would draw bonuses of up to 0,000

To retain its employees, Apple would draw bonuses of up to $180,000

Apple checks out to retain talent, offering substantial bonuses to employees who may be poached

Hiring new employees is not really difficult. Managing to retain them over time, on the other hand, and especially the most talented, is a whole different story.

In the tech world, and especially in Silicon Valley, brain drain and debauchery are commonplace. The tech giants practice it and are also victims of it. Apple has decided to go out of its way to limit breakage.

Apple goes to the cash register to retain its talents

Indeed, according to a Bloomberg report, it would seem that, to retain its employees eager to see if the grass is greener elsewhere, the Cupertino company has decided to offer more than substantial bonuses.

The article claims that the apple brand is trying to retain its engineers and developers by offering them substantial bonuses, between $ 50,000 and $ 180,000. That being said, these bonuses would not take the form of cash, but rather options over a four-year period.

Offering substantial bonuses to employees who could be poached

This means that in order to truly take advantage of these bonuses in their entirety, the employees concerned would have to stay at Apple for that entire four-year period.

Moreover, these bonuses would not be part of the ordinary compensation packages that the Cupertino company pays to its employees. These are real additional bonuses that will be seen as real benefits.

The poaching of employees is very frequent, in all sectors of activity and we have already had the opportunity to see that competitors of the Apple brand have managed to hire some employees of the giant, and at the same time, we have also seen more than once Apple convince a particular employee of another company.

It’s the game, of course, and in this game, it’s often the one with the most money that ends up winning.

Rachel Maga
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