The new WhatsApp functions coming to your mobile: change everything

The new WhatsApp functions coming to your mobile: change everything

Although changes in their privacy policies have been shaking WhatsApp, the reality is that the messaging application is one of the most concerned about the well-being of its users. For this reason, from time to time, it develops new functions that gradually improve your experience. In fact, at the moment, they are working on a series of novelties that, at some point, have also been claimed by them and that will arrive shortly.

Accelerated audios

Yes, listening to audios of more than a minute is a real torture. We all know it and the owners of the application know it. For this reason, WhatsApp has wanted to design a button that will accelerate them, in the same way that Telegram already does. Messages

24 hour messages

For those messages that you do not want to persist on someone else’s mobile, there is this option. In fact, it is already a reality: the application allows texts sent to a chat in which the option has been activated to disappear after seven days, which will help the conversation feel lighter and more private. That said, the goal for now is to reduce that period of time and leave it to only 24 hours. In a one-on-one chat, either person can turn temporary messages on or off; while, in groups, only those who manage them will have the control to do so.

Fleeting photos

While it’s great to be able to save the memories of family and friends, most of the content we send doesn’t need to be stored forever. Therefore, in an attempt to resemble these conversations with real life, the application has developed its temporary contents. An option that, for example, is already available on Instagram. Thanks to it, the receiver will receive the image blurred and under a text that says: Tap to see. If it is pressed, you will only be able to observe it once. In addition, it will not be able to take screenshots or share it in any way.

Various devices

No more not being able to use this service on your mobile, iPad, computer and work mobile phone: soon you will have the option of registering the same account associated with a phone number on up to four different devices. Currently, the app allows you to access your accounts from only a mobile device (in addition to its web version), but it has been preparing the function for multiple devices for months, as has been warned in its latest betas for Android.

Payments and transfers

Whatsapp It does not stop looking for new functions that make the experience of its users much more complete. The last attempt has been to develop payments between users within the same messaging application. This, which is already allowed by third-party external apps such as Bizum, will soon arrive in Spain as part of the process of international extension of the service. At the moment, they already enjoy it in India, Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom, where users can already send money to another, and vice versa, simply by linking a checking account.

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