The Disassembled Video of Galaxy S21 is Released

The Disassembled Video of Galaxy S21 is Released

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A disassembled video of Samsung’s new smartphone “Galaxy S21” has been released overseas.

According to a video released by PBK reviews on the YouTube channel, the internal structure of the Galaxy S21, such as the rear camera, motherboard placement, and the battery installed under the wireless charging parts, has not changed significantly from the previous model “Galaxy S20”.


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The top is the Galaxy S21 and the bottom is the Galaxy S20

However, there are some changes in the Galaxy S21, and first, two antennas for millimeter-wave 5G communication are placed on the left and right sides of the main unit. There are also changes in the placement of speaker parts and vibration motors. In addition, the Galaxy S21 allows you to disconnect the ribbon cable that connects the display. From this, it is assumed that repairs will be easier.

The Galaxy S21 had major changes such as the S Pen and 10x optical zoom in the top model S21 Ultra, but the base model S21 and the middle model S20 + were only minor upgrades such as processor renewal.

If it’s the usual flow after the launch of the new gadget, the disassembler iFixit should post a separate report on the Galaxy S21 series. I hope that the internal structure of the greatly evolved Galaxy S21 Ultra will be revealed there.

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