We show you how you can activate and configure the Emergency SOS function that is incorporated in the most recent iPhones and that can make a difference in a risk situation

During the presentation of the new iPhone 14 Apple showed some new security tools. One of them was Emergency SOS, a function that will allow users of the brand to communicate with the emergency services in the event of being in a dangerous situation.

According to the company, this function allows the user to make an emergency call by simply pressing and holding the side button on the device and one of the volume buttons, or quickly pressing the side button five times in a row.

Below we explain step by step everything you have to do to be able to configure Emergency SOS on your phone:

1. The first step is to access the configuration section of the device. To do this, the person must identify the icon in the shape of a gear, click on it and then select the Emergency SOS option.

2. Once this is done, the user will be presented with a menu where they can activate the function and choose how the phone’s emergency function is activated. It should be noted that regardless of the option chosen by the user, he will receive an alert sound and a countdown before the call to the emergency services is made.

At this point the person can also establish a contact number so that they receive an alert if the user activates the Emergency SOS.

3.In this phase, the person will have to access the medical identification page and create a profile in which they will have to add the corresponding contacts that they want to be notified.

“After an emergency call ends, your iPhone alerts your emergency contacts with a text message, unless you choose to cancel. Your iPhone sends your current location, and for a period of time after entering SOS mode, your emergency contacts receive updates when your location changes.

Once the emergency is over, the user has the possibility to stop sharing their location with their contacts. If you don’t, the system will send a notification every four hours for 24 hours.

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