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SpaceX hits record number of satellite launches with the latest Falcon 9 launch, bringing 143 satellites into orbit

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SpaceX broke the record for the number of satellites launched at one time during the Transporter-1 mission, which took place on January 24, US time. The launch is the first attempt at the company’s ride-sharing mission, where multiple customers split the rocket’s payload capacity to reduce their costs while still implementing a complete launch and all of the revenue required SpaceX. Provided to.

The launch included 143 satellites, 133 of which were from other companies that booked the payload. SpaceX has also launched 10 of its Starlink satellites, adding to more than 1000 satellites already in orbit to operate its broadband communications networks. During its launch last week, the company announced that it would launch a beta service to its customers in Canada and extend its private pre-launch testing to the UK.

At today’s launch, customers include Planet Labs, which launched 48 SuperDove earth observation satellites, Swarm, which launched 36 in-house small IoT communications satellites, and Kepler, which added eight in-house communications satellites. It was. SpaceX’s current ride-sharing model will help small new space explorations and start-ups build in-orbit operational constellations faster, including Rocket Lab and new ones. It complements other companies’ small payload launchers, such as the entry Virgin Orbit.

The launch of SpaceX is also the first attempt to bring the Starlink satellite into polar orbit, which is an important key to the company’s continued expansion of broadband services. The mission also included the successful landing and recovery of the Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage booster, the fifth use of the booster, and the recovery of both the half fairing that protects the payload at launch. It will be recovered from the Atlantic Ocean by a recovery ship, maintained and reused.

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