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Cloudflare Offers Free Digital Waiting Room to Health Authority / Institutions Worldwide Distributing New Corona Vaccine

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Web infrastructure company Cloudflare will provide health authorities and agencies around the world with new coronavirus vaccinations with a way to maintain a fair, impartial and transparent digital queue on January 22, USA. To that end, we announced a completely free new tool. The company’s Project Fair Shot initiative will offer a new Cloudflare Waiting Room to qualifying organizations for free. It will be a way for future vaccinated people to register and get transparent information that is constantly updated as to where they are in the waiting line.

“The wife of our executive, who works in Austin’s office, was trying to enroll her parents in the new Corona vaccination program,” the company’s CEO Matthew Prince explained in an email. “The registration site continued to crash, and she told her husband,’Why doesn’t Cloudflare build a waiting feature to support vaccination sites?’ And we’re exactly that feature. Has begun to work on the development of. It is scheduled to be launched in early February. ”

Recognizing the urgent need for tools that help mitigate many infrastructure problems that arise when people around the world face the threat of viruses and try to deploy vaccination as soon as possible. , The company changed the release date and devoted additional resources to the project.

“I told the team to move ahead with the planned launch of the Waiting Room feature,” Prince added. “The team worked day and night because they knew how important support for vaccination deployments was. These projects are truly a driving force for the team. They solve a wide range of problems. We can use our technical expertise and infrastructure to make a positive impact. ”

On the technical side, Cloudflare Waiting Room is simple to implement, according to the company, and can be added to any booking registration website built on the company’s existing delivery network. No engineering or coding knowledge required. Site visitors can register there and receive confirmation that they have joined the queue. And when it’s their turn, they receive a follow-up that takes them to the sign-up page of the organization that manages the vaccine. With additional configuration options, Waiting Room operators can also provide registrants with expected waiting times and alarms when their turn is approaching (which is expected to be introduced in a future update).

As Prince mentioned, the Waiting Room was already on Cloudflare’s project roadmap and was actually intended for use in other high-demand, limited-supply items. Concert tickets that you definitely want to get and the latest sneakers to watch. However, the Fair Shot program will be offered completely free to the organizations that need it and should not be a commercial product. Those interested in waiting for vaccination can sign up on Cloudflare’s registration page.

“We are always ready to help all recipients have fair access to the new coronavirus with the Fair Shot project. Like everyone else, we look forward to overcoming the disease,” said Prince. He explained.


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