• The company has placed emphasis on the environmental qualities of the tool
  • Its launch is due to the growing interest of customers in Web3

Cloud CRM services company Salesforce has taken what can be considered its first step into web3 with the introduction of its NFT Cloud pilot program , which makes available to its customers a range of tools with which they can manage their own initiatives and campaign with NFTs.

The program, which is advertised as easy to use, will allow its users, according to a Salesforce statement, “to mint, manage and sell their NFTs directly on the Saleforce Cuestomer 360 Platform and securely connect their customer data to make of a 360º vision of the virtual and physical worlds of the consumer”. 

The NFts management program was unveiled by Salesforce at its Connections 2022 developer conference , which was held last week. According to the company, the tool has been designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Adam Caplan, Vice President of Emerging Technology at Salesforce, said during the press conference in which the tool was presented: “Our pilot program has been created with sustainability at its core. It has an integrated maximum emissions reduction system so brands can enter this space with a values-driven approach.”

Confidence and security are also fundamental elements of the new programme. Caplan pointed out in this sense that the tool has “smart contracts already written for Salesforce clients, so they do not have to code them.”
The company has audited those contracts to reduce the possibility of fraud and is also working with different providers to protect customers’ cryptocurrency wallets and provide a secure and authenticated checkout experience.

The program, in Caplan’s words, is a response to growing interest from Salesforce customers in exploring the possibilities of web3.

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