Password manager Proton Pass has been given a new feature by its developers. Proton, the company behind Proton Mail, Proton VPN and Proton Drive, announced secure sharing of content from Proton Pass. Secure Password Sharing allows users to temporarily share sensitive items such as credit cards or passwords.

Once the transaction is complete, users can easily revoke access. Proton Pass’s Secure Password Sharing feature also allows users to create shared vaults – collections that can be accessed by specific individuals or groups. Each shared vault is end-to-end encrypted, so only authorized users can access the information.

If users need to share a password or login with someone who doesn’t already use Proton Pass, Secure Password Sharing makes it easy and secure, the developers say. The recipient receives an invitation via email. From there, he can sign up for a free Proton Pass account to access a shared vault where the password is stored. I already personally feel this is a hurdle for many users, as not everyone wants to create a new account for access. 1Password, for example, solves this differently, here you can share data with others who do not use 1Password via a special link.

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