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What is the image you imagine when you hear the word “universe”? The universe may be a genre that we rarely think about in our daily lives, even though it is the origin of the place where we live.

However, the other day, the successor to the asteroid explorer Hayabusa, Hayabusa2, has returned from the asteroid Ryugu, isn’t it? The feat of collecting more samples than expected drew a lot of news and SNS in Japan. The mystery of the universe that we do not yet know. I was excited by the readers! I think there are many people who say that.

Under such circumstances, Mars is now said to be the hottest topic in the world in space. Last year, in 2020, NASA in the United States also carried out a plan to send a rover to Mars, and in 2024, Artemis, a manned moon flight plan, is also aiming to go to Mars.

On the other hand, in Japan, JAXA’s Martian exploration project called “MMX” is underway. This is a project being developed with the aim of launching a spacecraft in 2024. The purpose is to sample-return the spacecraft to clarify the origin of the Mars satellite and the evolutionary process of the Martian sphere.

The spacecraft is heading for two moons on Mars. First of all, after observing the first satellite “Phobos”, we landed and took a sample. After that, after observing the second satellite “Deimos”, we plan to return to Earth.

The accessory brand “Ucyury” was born on March 3, 2020 to boost such MMX and space development. Uchury is an accessory that supports space development with the JAXA official mark, and the brand was launched by Remi Enomoto, a space caster and starry sky associate guide who is also active in TV programs such as NTV NEWS24. ..

▲ Remi Enomoto

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JAXA official Martian Moons Exploration Project (MMX) pierced earrings are a space fan inspiring finish

Behind the launch of such an accessory brand is the desire to raise awareness of space development. Ucyury official website

▲ MMX model

According to Mr. Enomoto, Japan’s space development and space business, including JAXA, are working hard without a budget. Japan’s space development budget is about 180 billion yen. It is estimated to be 2 trillion yen in the United States and 600 billion yen in Europe, and the difference is clear when compared. He thought that public opinion was necessary to move the national budget, and he started developing a brand of accessories that makes the universe feel familiar.

Martian moons, Fobos Dimos pierced earrings and key chains are popular, but this time, a series of MMX spacecraft pierced earrings, earrings and necklaces has appeared.


Based on the actual design drawing of “MMX (Martian Moons Exploration Project)”, the scale size 1/600 spacecraft is reproduced, and the price is 7150 yen each. As it is a JAXA official accessory, the accuracy of its design is endorsed. Products can be purchased at, and a part of the purchase price is donated to JAXA. It’s nice to be able to support you, even indirectly.

MMX Project / Spacecraft Earrings Earrings (Amazon)

MMX Project / Spacecraft Necklace (Amazon)

▲ MMX (Martian Moons Exploration Project) Plate Necklace (3960 yen)
▲ Fobos Dimos Pierce (5500 yen)

By the way, MMX is scheduled to arrive in the Mars sphere in 2025. Let’s support the return of MMX with public viewing at the Osaka Expo scheduled to be held in the same year! It seems that a project called JAXA has also been launched, and it may be a little exciting to put on JAXA official accessories and gather to see the return.

In addition, other unique new works have appeared from the same brand. This is an accessory that traps Euglena of Euglena.


In fact, Euglena is also attracting attention as a “space food”. According to Enomoto, Euglena contains 59 kinds of abundant nutrients including protein, and it grows by photosynthesis like plants. It is a beautiful creature that is kind to the natural environment, can be used for a sustainable future, and is also excellent from the viewpoint of carbon cycle in the closed space of space.

This time, in order to express its beauty, it was said that the product was developed with Mr. Kengo Suzuki of Euglena, who is a leading expert of Euglena. It is not just an accessory, but research is being carried out to express this color development.

▲ A part of the actual report. It is well researched.

An accessory containing euglena that is likely to emerge in the field of food tech because it is a sustainable food. It may be perfect for those who want to chase the front line.


By the way, an event is being held at Shibuya Seibu A Building until January 18th (Monday).


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