NASA takes inspiration from Apple: this is the spacesuit that will take us back to the moon

NASA takes inspiration from Apple: this is the spacesuit that will take us back to the moon

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. NASA is immersed in preparations to push man to the Moon again, and that’s what they’ve set out to do with the Artemis missions. Part of the work of those missions is to create the spacesuit that astronauts will wear on the lunar surface.

To accomplish this, it turns out that NASA has looked to none other than Apple. On an Apple TV+ series, to be specific. The design that has been chosen for the spacesuit is inspired in part to what we have already seen in the series ‘For All Mankind’.

A space uchronia that inspires real missions

In the video above you can see how they comment on the talent they have used to design the suit, between minutes 15 and 19. NASA resorted to collaboration with Esther Marquis, responsible for the design of the spacesuits we see in the series where astronauts have not only colonized the Moon but have also reached Mars.

This is no toast to the sun: although ‘For All Mankind’ is a science-fiction series, it depicts an alternative history that could well have happened: the Russians reached the moon earlier, which accelerates the space race and never ends. There are spaceships and conquests of territories, but nothing exaggerated like Star Trek or Star Wars. Everything is very doable, and so are the spacesuits.

Trust the design, not the color

A proof of how the story in ‘For All Mankind’ is reflected: NASA’s Artemis mission aims to take the first woman and the first person of color to the Moon. These are milestones they specifically comment on in the early seasons of the series.

Although in the official images we see a black spacesuit with details in the colors of Axiom Space, those responsible have already warned: the final model will be white because a black suit would absorb too much heat on the Moon. The reason they have used this color is to hide certain patents of the suit, thus protecting themselves from any competitor who may be paying attention to the design.

If there are no changes to the schedule, the manned Artemis mission to the Moon will take off in 2025. It may be just a detail, but Esther Marquis can boast of having contributed her work to return to the Moon. Not bad when you design spacesuits for Apple TV+ series. We’ll continue to see her work in the fourth season of the series, which should premiere in a few months.

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Rachel Maga
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