Motorola and Bullit present the first device with satellite messaging

Motorola and Bullit present the first device with satellite messaging

Los Angeles (USA) – The British company Bullit Group and the American Motorola announced their partnership to launch the first smartphone compatible with the satellite messaging service, within the framework of the CES technology fair, which is held this week in Las Vegas (USA)

The companies reported this Thursday that the device will be part of Motorola’s Defy range to “guarantee resistance and connectivity” to the user.

The satellite technology integrated into the smart device – which will be available in the first quarter of the year – aims to keep the owner connected with others, even when outside the normal networks of the providers, thus expanding the range of communication range.

This innovation was designed “for anyone who has ever been frustrated by the lack of cell phone coverage,” Bullitt announced in a statement.

After two years of “close collaborations” working with specialists in non-terrestrial communications, Bullit has developed its own software and service components to provide text messages via satellite through the Bullitt Satellite Messenger application.

Before achieving the satellite connection, the smartphone will try to achieve a connection via regular Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

In addition, anyone will be able to receive these types of messages in SMS format on their phone and to respond they will have to download the associated Android or iOS application.

The world’s largest technology fair, CES, officially kicked off its activities in Las Vegas on Thursday and will run until January 8.

In it, the leading technology companies, their representatives, as well as medium and small exhibitors will show the latest technological innovations on which they have been working.

Among the brands that are part of this mixed edition (face-to-face and virtual), are Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Canon, Intel and Nikon, among others.

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